Tuesday, May 19, 2009


On the 9th of May Badminton Bandit organised an selection of local Perth bands to travel to Nannup and perform at the Nannup Hotel, for locals and others from Perth who travelled down.

Injured Ninja, The Silents, Cease, Carbuncle, These Shipwrecks and Mile End all played amazing sets that were appreciated and enjoyed by locals and their regular fans alike. After the gig, most Perthies made their way back to a camp site just out of town, where we had some horribly fun and loud jams fuelled by several drum kits and a generator.

It was a proud moment to see some of our favourite Perth bands thriving outside their normal venues, to a crowd that had predominantly never seen them before. It was the first step in developing some much needed relationships with regional towns in Western Australia. We plan to pursue further projects based on the success of this event.
William Hooper recorded most of the sets played onto an mp3 recorder. They can by found and downloaded from his blog Reel Muzak.

If anyone else has documentation of the event, please let me know.

The following photos were taken by Azriel Leers.

The Nannup Hotel Beer Garden

Gilgamesh Commanding Stick
Injured Ninja, with guests Mei and Tayo
The sun goes down

These Shipwrecks
Carbuncle + friends play Theif in the Night
These Shipwrecks
Look, Stephen's a drummer!
High as a mother fucker.
Fire! Fire!