Sunday, August 23, 2009

SOFT COPY Exhibition + coastal shelf Opening

"~~~~SOFT COPY~~~~~
SAT AUGUST 29, 6pm!!!
an exhibition featuring photocopied editions by...
Gian Manik, Ferron Dearnley, Ruby Jeppe, Andrew Varano, Crystal Jones, Chonny D'arcy, COD, Amber Fresh, Megan Plunkett, Tom Freeman, Matt Giles, Marcus Canning, Thomas Jeppe, Tim Carter, Simon Cox, Esther Sandler, Lucy Van, Tessa Richardson, Ocea Sellar, Jaqueline Ball, Chris Onton, Katie Lenanton, Patrick O’Brien, Karl Williams, Niel Aldum, Larissa Boyd, Freya Poulson, Gemma Weston, Claudia Cukrov, Andrew Murray,
Steph Kretowicz, David Egan, Thomas Rowe, Matthew Aitken, Henry Heartbreak, Amber Gempton and more..

Coastal Shelf is a new exhibition space and shop and will be stocking artists books and editions, art and design journals, apparel, local and international music labels...

hours- 12-5 pm Thu-Sun

Facebook event page

My photocopied book In what sense will be for sale (limited to 5 copies).

Saturday, August 22, 2009

On Thursday and Friday night Carbuncle played shows in Fremantle...
We were generally happy with both shows. Huge thanks to Kouhei Harada for coming all the way from Japan to play some truly rad jams to a room predominantly full of rude, loud assholes. Mojos crowds are fucked.

Last night I checked out some of the
Kurb Performance Perennial #4. Only caught the last few performances, this one was the loudest.
Amps and basses were stacked in the centre of the space and turned on, the vibration from the amps stimulated the bass stings and caused a continuous feedback, the sound wasn't at all offensive though, it was a really warm, pleasant result. The reverberations from the decrepit Kurb ceiling really made the work.

I've had this set of Craig's from Tanya's party last week on heavy rotation.
- Craig McElhinney 16-08-09 (Taken from Reel Muzak)

And I've been really digging these two bands:
- Forest Swords
- Growing
Check out the No Pain in Pop label if you're interested.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

August Carbuncle Shows

Tanya's Birthday Party

I will be playing a solo acoustic set for this show as a special treat to my buddies Tanya and Marijn.
+ Taco Leg, Craig McElhinney
Facebook Event

Norfolk Basement
Felicity Groom and the Black Black Smoke Residency Support.

+ Cal Peck and the Tramps ??
Facebook Event

Mojo's BarKouhei Harada (Tokyo, JPN)
+ Radarmaker, Injured Ninja, These Shipwrecks
Facebook Event