Friday, December 11, 2009


I won't be using this blog no more, for updates check out the pretty new website -

Monday, October 26, 2009

CEASE cicada launch party!!!


Cease have been regularly jamming their unique brand of improvised stoner drone around Perth for the past 5 years. 

They were recently involved in a collaboration with filmmaker Ben Stewart which documented their explorations into the possibilities of disused public spaces and investigated the boundaries of free performance in Perth. 

Earlier this year they recorded 40 minutes of hypnotising, heavy-kraut drone with the help of up-and-coming sound engineer Jay Brandner. Months have been spent meticulously mixing and remixing the album to create a structured composition of hauntingly dark, intense jams, with a calculated sound most fans will be unfamiliar with from the more commonly free and improvised cease performances. The visual artwork was a collaboration between Andrew Britton and David Egan.

The album will be launched on Friday, November 20 at the Hydey, with support from Gutter Guitar (Pex), Atolah and Giant Tortoise.

Doors open at 8pm. Entry is $15 and includes the $15 CD.

Badminton Bandit is excited to present cicada, the first full length album by cease.

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

This Sunday at the Moon

Wigwam's first show is this Sunday (04.10.09) night with Wind Waker and Ideal Family (Shock Horror dudes) at the Moon, come down early for a comfy seat and a tasty meal.

8:00 - 8:20 Ideal Family
8:40 - 9:10 Wind Waker
9:30 - 10:00 Wigwam

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Thanks to the brothers and sisters who paid FIFTEEN dollars to see Carbuncle at the Rosemount on Saturday night, we were damn happy with the jams and the trippy lights - thanks Pond.

I have a new project with Craig McElhinney called Wigwam and we've been jamming like hibernating bears. Hitting bongos, sample pads, guitars, contact mics and singing all the wrong notes in some kind of fucked up rhythmic unison.

You can (and should) catch our first public performance at The Moon cafe on the 4th Oct (This coming Sunday) with Wind Waker.

I'll post up some of our recordings pretty soon and there might be a cassette in the works.

For now i recommend listening to this:

70's Thai Orchestra

I also recommend buying Sun Araw's Heavy Deeds from - Not not fun.

Monday, September 14, 2009


Thanks to everyone who came to the party on Saturday. It was a huge success! Great to see so many strangers digging some of my favourite bands, I hope to see you at more shows.

All the donations of time, talent, soup, cakes and money are extremely appreciated. It's really restored my faith in this independent community that we are all apart of. Without the help and input of all of you, this community wouldn't be as interesting and exciting as it is.
So please, keep doing what you're doing.

If anyone has any photos/sounds/videos from the day send them to and I'll put them up.

Cease will be launching their album on November 20th.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Pass the Butter

I've been waiting for this shit to drop for a year now! Recorded in May 2008, these four songs capture Bone's aptitude for heavy, intelligent and often messy riff based jams. The perfectly balanced production gives the listener a chance to appreciate Bone's interesting layering of sounds while staying true to the band's brutal live presence on stage. And for us in Perth, it acts as a souvenir of that great period in 2008 when we were treated to intensely captivating Bone shows weekend after weekend.

"This EP, recorded in the early winter of last year, catalogues Bone's tumultuous infancy as 'the little band that could'. Bone are listening to it right now and high fiving each other, and hugging, and all kinds of shit. Do yourselves a favour and play this when a loved one dies. " - Bone



Catch Fire presents:I'd like to express my appreciation for Jules' innovation here. Not only for putting on shows at the Rosemount Bowl, but for advertising on match boxes. This should be a good show, come check out Rabbit Island, Chris Cobilis and my expensive new PA!
Facebook event

Also, if you don't have plans tonight, Tuesday (08.09.09) head down to Mojos for another one of Jules' matchbox promoted shows featuring Giant Tortoise, The Silents and Horny Pony.
Facebook event

Sunday, September 6, 2009


New Australian music website UHH launched recently. They sure had a dope holder page, but the new content is pretty good too I guess..
Camryn Rothenbury talks about Arse Unravel, Mental Pz, Craig M, Meupe and Perth house parties here and there is a well thought out article by Matt Giles which discusses the effects of internet downloading on the Australian music industry here.

Is Steve S dressed up as Deni??

Photograph by Traianos Pakioufakis

Thursday, September 3, 2009

12th September - summer? party

Let's have a party together!

There will be a professional clown (see link below), Mental Powers controlling the decks(ipod shuffle?), Carbuncle singing about being outside, Cease hypnotising you deep into the lawn, Taco Leg grabbing you by the face and pulling you up off the lawn, Craig McElhinney making you want to dance and sit down at the same time (sitting down will win) and then Pond exploding psychedelic mangos your mind/face/balls!

There will be a box at the door collecting money for future Badminton Bandit releases (Mental Powers, Cease albums) and soups for sale. Support your community!

Facebook event.

Edward De Bozo (the clown)

Tuesday, September 1, 2009


This Friday Pink Reason plays at the Norfolk Basement (Fremantle) with Lakes (vic), Silver Bulletin and Mental Powers - who have an album out on Badminton Bandit real soon.

" Meupe & Fifth Column present
The Ambassador From Everywhere 17
Friday September 4, 2009
Norfolk Basement
8pm / $20 + BF from

Tickets available now from Moshtix outlets (such as Planet), or on the door if you're feeling lucky."

Facebook event

In other news, keep the afternoon of the 12th of September free. There is going to be a really sweet party. More information soon.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

SOFT COPY Exhibition + coastal shelf Opening

"~~~~SOFT COPY~~~~~
SAT AUGUST 29, 6pm!!!
an exhibition featuring photocopied editions by...
Gian Manik, Ferron Dearnley, Ruby Jeppe, Andrew Varano, Crystal Jones, Chonny D'arcy, COD, Amber Fresh, Megan Plunkett, Tom Freeman, Matt Giles, Marcus Canning, Thomas Jeppe, Tim Carter, Simon Cox, Esther Sandler, Lucy Van, Tessa Richardson, Ocea Sellar, Jaqueline Ball, Chris Onton, Katie Lenanton, Patrick O’Brien, Karl Williams, Niel Aldum, Larissa Boyd, Freya Poulson, Gemma Weston, Claudia Cukrov, Andrew Murray,
Steph Kretowicz, David Egan, Thomas Rowe, Matthew Aitken, Henry Heartbreak, Amber Gempton and more..

Coastal Shelf is a new exhibition space and shop and will be stocking artists books and editions, art and design journals, apparel, local and international music labels...

hours- 12-5 pm Thu-Sun

Facebook event page

My photocopied book In what sense will be for sale (limited to 5 copies).

Saturday, August 22, 2009

On Thursday and Friday night Carbuncle played shows in Fremantle...
We were generally happy with both shows. Huge thanks to Kouhei Harada for coming all the way from Japan to play some truly rad jams to a room predominantly full of rude, loud assholes. Mojos crowds are fucked.

Last night I checked out some of the
Kurb Performance Perennial #4. Only caught the last few performances, this one was the loudest.
Amps and basses were stacked in the centre of the space and turned on, the vibration from the amps stimulated the bass stings and caused a continuous feedback, the sound wasn't at all offensive though, it was a really warm, pleasant result. The reverberations from the decrepit Kurb ceiling really made the work.

I've had this set of Craig's from Tanya's party last week on heavy rotation.
- Craig McElhinney 16-08-09 (Taken from Reel Muzak)

And I've been really digging these two bands:
- Forest Swords
- Growing
Check out the No Pain in Pop label if you're interested.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

August Carbuncle Shows

Tanya's Birthday Party

I will be playing a solo acoustic set for this show as a special treat to my buddies Tanya and Marijn.
+ Taco Leg, Craig McElhinney
Facebook Event

Norfolk Basement
Felicity Groom and the Black Black Smoke Residency Support.

+ Cal Peck and the Tramps ??
Facebook Event

Mojo's BarKouhei Harada (Tokyo, JPN)
+ Radarmaker, Injured Ninja, These Shipwrecks
Facebook Event

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Mumblings from those dark, dark woods

Here is my submission for the Hawks and Hounds zine, run by my friend Dee.

The theme of this issue is "the hunt".
For more information on Hawks and Hounds...

Thursday, July 16, 2009


New myspace page for TRIANGLES. I've been recording lots of jams so I thought it would be easier to just upload them to a myspace.

There is a new song called Red Eye Balls and I renamed Red Dress to Waiting for the limousine. Mostly because I didn't want to appear obsessed with red.


This should be a big one. More details here.


Death of Dreams Audio

A couple of months ago Carbuncle worked on this project with our good friend Marijn. We were asked to create audio representing the 4 stages of dreams. The tracks were looped and progressed upon the viewer's interaction with a microphone inside the installation.

I thought I would upload the original, un-looped audio files. They weren't created to exist separately from the visual components of the work. But there are parts from these songs that will probably end up in new ones pretty soon. So it might be an interesting listen.
Download - The Death of Dreams Audio Files.

More of Marijn's work can be viewed here.

I made a jam.

I drunk one too many cups of coffee this morning (one). Subsequently I was really productive and had a really good jam by myself, trying to practise for the upcoming Triangles show. I recorded it (just through one track) and liked this one little 4minute section. I want to try and turn it into a song . My aim with the Triangles project is to be much freer and much less precious about making music than Carbuncle has become. Carbuncle is pretty much a proper band now and I'm happy about that, it means that the songs are getting better and better. But there isn't as much spontaneity and experimenting as there used to be.

Triangles does not yet have set, constant members. On the 2nd of August Triangles will be me and Amber (Rabbit Island) at the Velvet Lounge.

Facebook event page for Triangles show

Download Triangles - Red Dress

I live with a blazed performance genius..


Man I can't believe they covered my axe..

The article was written by Matt Giles, the photograph taken by Cameron George.
I'm very proud to be a monkey spirit releasing psych-metal collectives.

by Matt Giles

Tuesday, May 19, 2009


On the 9th of May Badminton Bandit organised an selection of local Perth bands to travel to Nannup and perform at the Nannup Hotel, for locals and others from Perth who travelled down.

Injured Ninja, The Silents, Cease, Carbuncle, These Shipwrecks and Mile End all played amazing sets that were appreciated and enjoyed by locals and their regular fans alike. After the gig, most Perthies made their way back to a camp site just out of town, where we had some horribly fun and loud jams fuelled by several drum kits and a generator.

It was a proud moment to see some of our favourite Perth bands thriving outside their normal venues, to a crowd that had predominantly never seen them before. It was the first step in developing some much needed relationships with regional towns in Western Australia. We plan to pursue further projects based on the success of this event.
William Hooper recorded most of the sets played onto an mp3 recorder. They can by found and downloaded from his blog Reel Muzak.

If anyone else has documentation of the event, please let me know.

The following photos were taken by Azriel Leers.

The Nannup Hotel Beer Garden

Gilgamesh Commanding Stick
Injured Ninja, with guests Mei and Tayo
The sun goes down

These Shipwrecks
Carbuncle + friends play Theif in the Night
These Shipwrecks
Look, Stephen's a drummer!
High as a mother fucker.
Fire! Fire!

Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Recording of POND's set at their Psychedelic Mango album launch back in January is up for free download on the bb. blog.

This Sunday night (03.05.09) at the velvet lounge Carbuncle, Gilbert Fawn and M. Rosner are supporting Adam Trainer for the launch of his new album Twice Worn. Music starts at 6pm, so come down early.
Facebook Event Page.

On the following Friday (08.05.09) Carbuncle are recording for Love is My Velocity at 214 William St as apart of the Bank Notes recording project. Feel free to come watch at 3.15pm. Then later that night at the Hellenic Centre the LIMV Cookbook will be launched, which features artwork and recipes from several bb. bands and plenty of other interesting ones.
Facebook Event Page.

Then the big one. Saturday (09.05.09) head down to Nannup! NOTE: Now Nannup not Balingup! For a huge day and night of psychedelic jams and drinks.
There will be some much more specific information about this event in the next day or two. I can tell you it is free, music will start at around 2pm, it is at a hotel in Nannup, there is a rad camp site nearby that we are going to encourage everyone to stay at and make good times together. Make sure you can come down.
Featuring: Carbuncle, Injured Ninja, Mile End, Cease, These Shipwrecks, The Silents
Facebook Event Page.

On the 29th of May Mental Powers release their split 7inch with Free Choice (vic) at the Chapel Space on Angrove St. With support from first timers Dead Arm (ned) and Wind Waker.
Mental Powers.

And finally on 30.05.09 Fabulous Diamonds (vic) play at the Chapel Space on Angrove St. With support from Mental Powers, POND and Carbuncle. Tickets are $15 and apparently selling fast.
Buy Tickets Here
Facebook Event Page.

Downlow-d POND

POND - Psychedelic Mango Album Launch Set
Recorded by Rhys Cameron George,
At the Norfolk Basement,
On the 9th of Jan. 2009

Photo by Tahlia Palmer.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

POND Show Tonight at the Rocket Room

Head down to the rocket room tonight and check out POND and Felicity Groom supported by Simone and Girlfinkle and Veescars. POND play at 10.20pm.

Facebook Event

House Party - 04/04/09

Ben Stewart, who is making a documentary about the experimental music scene in Perth, had a house warming party on Saturday night. Cease, Mental Powers, Carbuncle and The Many Guises of Rod Stewart played acoustic sets.

I only saw the last half hour of Cease, but apparently they droned away with sitar, bongo, guitar combination for around 2 hours. It was like peeking in on a Indian crack den.
Mental Powers played at least one new song I did not recognise and plenty of other rad ones that I did. These guys are getting better each time they play, I can't believe how they sounded when they started playing and that they are now my favourite Perth band.
Carbuncle weren't meant to play, but our Many Guises jam that afternoon had been anything but productive and these drummers, who were the best part of the sounds didn't show up. So we played a pretty inclusive Carbuncle set instead. There were 4 or 5 people with acoustic guitars playing along to the two or three chords that I swap between, it was a great experience, man I wish I could play guitar like some of those cats. I also thought whoever was tapping rhythm did a rad job, it sounded just like I've always wanted it to.
Many Guises went on to play their 2 songs which evolved into communal TLC covers and a large Irish guy in a suit proclaiming folk ditties.

There were lots of carpets and psychedelic lights and a pretty strong community vibe.

Carbuncle, as seen through 3D glasses.

Deni, Mental Powers, keeping rhythm.


Cam, Carbuncle

Me, blinded by the lights, just like that streets song.

Party-Timers, Jeremy, Jefferson, Mikey with 3Ds.

Marijn and Tanya.

More Party-Timers.

Ben Stewart, Film Maker +Unit Pusher.

Peter Cole, Friend of Carbuncle and Aslan

Cam, singing softly.

Me, singing loudly.


The rug in the centre of the circle made it feel like we were in a lounge room.

Mental Powers played another amazingly hypnotic set.

Morman John.

Pat diggin, Deni drumming and staring.

Clap, clap, clap.

All photographs by Ashryn Romaro, thanks.