Monday, September 7, 2009

Pass the Butter

I've been waiting for this shit to drop for a year now! Recorded in May 2008, these four songs capture Bone's aptitude for heavy, intelligent and often messy riff based jams. The perfectly balanced production gives the listener a chance to appreciate Bone's interesting layering of sounds while staying true to the band's brutal live presence on stage. And for us in Perth, it acts as a souvenir of that great period in 2008 when we were treated to intensely captivating Bone shows weekend after weekend.

"This EP, recorded in the early winter of last year, catalogues Bone's tumultuous infancy as 'the little band that could'. Bone are listening to it right now and high fiving each other, and hugging, and all kinds of shit. Do yourselves a favour and play this when a loved one dies. " - Bone