Sunday, July 19, 2009

Mumblings from those dark, dark woods

Here is my submission for the Hawks and Hounds zine, run by my friend Dee.

The theme of this issue is "the hunt".
For more information on Hawks and Hounds...

Thursday, July 16, 2009


New myspace page for TRIANGLES. I've been recording lots of jams so I thought it would be easier to just upload them to a myspace.

There is a new song called Red Eye Balls and I renamed Red Dress to Waiting for the limousine. Mostly because I didn't want to appear obsessed with red.


This should be a big one. More details here.


Death of Dreams Audio

A couple of months ago Carbuncle worked on this project with our good friend Marijn. We were asked to create audio representing the 4 stages of dreams. The tracks were looped and progressed upon the viewer's interaction with a microphone inside the installation.

I thought I would upload the original, un-looped audio files. They weren't created to exist separately from the visual components of the work. But there are parts from these songs that will probably end up in new ones pretty soon. So it might be an interesting listen.
Download - The Death of Dreams Audio Files.

More of Marijn's work can be viewed here.

I made a jam.

I drunk one too many cups of coffee this morning (one). Subsequently I was really productive and had a really good jam by myself, trying to practise for the upcoming Triangles show. I recorded it (just through one track) and liked this one little 4minute section. I want to try and turn it into a song . My aim with the Triangles project is to be much freer and much less precious about making music than Carbuncle has become. Carbuncle is pretty much a proper band now and I'm happy about that, it means that the songs are getting better and better. But there isn't as much spontaneity and experimenting as there used to be.

Triangles does not yet have set, constant members. On the 2nd of August Triangles will be me and Amber (Rabbit Island) at the Velvet Lounge.

Facebook event page for Triangles show

Download Triangles - Red Dress

I live with a blazed performance genius..


Man I can't believe they covered my axe..

The article was written by Matt Giles, the photograph taken by Cameron George.
I'm very proud to be a monkey spirit releasing psych-metal collectives.

by Matt Giles