Sunday, September 27, 2009

Thanks to the brothers and sisters who paid FIFTEEN dollars to see Carbuncle at the Rosemount on Saturday night, we were damn happy with the jams and the trippy lights - thanks Pond.

I have a new project with Craig McElhinney called Wigwam and we've been jamming like hibernating bears. Hitting bongos, sample pads, guitars, contact mics and singing all the wrong notes in some kind of fucked up rhythmic unison.

You can (and should) catch our first public performance at The Moon cafe on the 4th Oct (This coming Sunday) with Wind Waker.

I'll post up some of our recordings pretty soon and there might be a cassette in the works.

For now i recommend listening to this:

70's Thai Orchestra

I also recommend buying Sun Araw's Heavy Deeds from - Not not fun.

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